Dalí Universe at London Art Fair 2024: Mollbrinks Art Gallery pays tribute to Salvador Dalí on the 120th Anniversary of his birth.

The London Art Fair returns for its 36th edition this week at the Business Design Centre located in the heart of Islington from today, Wednesday, January 17, until Sunday, January 21, 2024.

Offering artworks from over 100 leading galleries with a strong international presence, the London Art Fair features talks, tours, and curated spaces.

Dalí Universe is proud to collaborate with Mollbrinck Art Gallery, which dedicates its stand, G12, to the great Master of Surrealism, celebrating the 120th anniversary of his birth.

To commemorate this significant anniversary, Mollbrinck showcases a rare and important collection of graphic works titled “The Visions of Francisco de Quevedo,” along with a selection of limited edition sculptures conceived by Salvador Dalí and part of the Dalí Universe Collection.

The multiple-edition bronze sculpture “Dance of Time III” will illustrate to the public of the London Art Fair 2024 Dalí’s obsession with time through the melting clock, one of Dalí’s best-known images, whose origin is the famous 1931 painting “The Persistence of Memory”.

In the bronze work “Homage to Newton,” Dalí decided to honor Isaac Newton, the English mathematician who discovered the law of universal gravitation after an apple fell on his head.

At the Mollbrinks stand, visitors will be able to admire the wealth of Dalinian surrealist iconography that the Catalan artist accomplished during his lifetime.

It’s an extraordinary opportunity to appreciate the graphic and sculptural production of the Master of Surrealism, discovering the countless facets of his art and personality.

Dalí once said: “Painting is only an infinitesimal part of my personality”, and with regard to this, the President of Dalí Universe, Mr. Beniamino Levi, emphasizes the polyhedric character of the Master of Surrealism: “In Dalí’s graphics and sculptural work, the fantastic, distorted, and exaggerated expressions are just as evident, and this makes his work immediately identifiable and unique.”

Universally recognized, Salvador Dalí continues to inspire artists and collectors alike, even 120 years after his birth. Mr. Beniamino Levi concludes, “Mollbrinks stand is a testament to Dalí’s strength as an icon of Twentieth Century Art.”