The Master of Surrealism Conquers Mayfair

“Beyond Reality” :  Salvador Dalí at Clarendon Fine Art 

“You have to systematically create confusion, it sets creativity free. Everything that is contradictory creates life”.

Dalí Universe is delighted to collaborate with Clarendon Fine Art and warmly invites you to experience Salvador Dali – “Beyond Reality” – a new exhibition which opened last week.  Clarendon Director Luci Stephens (Head of 20th Century Art) has selected a fine showcase of Salvador Dalí sculptures and rare lithographs. 

On view is a carefully curated collection of Masterworks by The Master of Surrealism.  The exhibition is housed at the prestigious flagship gallery of the Clarendon Fine Art in the heart of London`s Mayfair district.  An exceptional collection featuring bronze sculptures conceived by the Master of Surrealism alongside rare, signed lithographs.  All artworks on view and on sale to the public.   It is a unique opportunity to admire the wealth of Dalinian surrealist iconography created by the Catalan artist during his lifetime. The exhibition is the fruit of a longstanding and successful collaboration between Dalí Universe and Clarendon Fine Art. 

“Beyond Reality” is the title of the exhibition. A title that opens up Salvador Dalí’s inner world, his reality—or surreality—in which he invites us to participate whenever we observe his works. On several occasions, the Catalan artist has stated, “My work is a reflection, one of the innumerable reflections of what I accomplish, write, think”This exhibition will allow each of us to observe his works and perceive the complexity and originality of his thoughts.

It is indeed necessary to explore Salvador Dalí’s personality from a multifaceted perspective. Painter, sculptor, draftsman, creator of spectacles, these are just some facets of the same character, multifaceted and with a unique personality that is often compared to that of Leonardo Da Vinci. Salvador Dalí was truly a genius of the 20th century.

The museum-quality display of bronzes and graphics within the Clarendon Fine Art Gallery enables visitors to truly enter Dalí’s reality and explore his creativity.

Although Salvador Dalí may have passed away in 1989, the understanding of his artistic language and his personality still make him one of the most admired and fascinating artists in all of art history. The legacy he left us is extraordinary and continues to inspire new generations and contemporary artists. Behind his reality, we experience a new reality.

“I am Surrealism!” is perhaps one of Salvador Dalí’s most well-known quotes. The Catalan artist made himself the most admired among all Surrealists by turning his works into icons of Surrealism. 

After visiting Salvador Dali Exhibition “Beyond Reality”, his famous phrase “I am Surrealism” will appear to our minds as “I am a new Reality”, a reality made of creativity and confusion, contradiction and provocation. A reality that reflects Salvador Dalí’s inner world, his desire to explore and research, to connect themes of psychology and cinema, mathematics and physics.

Salvador Dali Exhibition “Beyond Reality” is open until Thursday, April 25, 2024.