Dalí loved to be photographed, in fact today there are many photos of the artist present in books, magazines and online sites. 

Dalí was an avant-garde, eccentric, highly expressive and over the top compared to any other artist; subject of study and object of worship for the most famous photographers in the world.

Dalí e la Fotografia

Many photographers worked with Dalí throughout his artistic career. Probably the most prolific was the Latvian Philip Halsman, who established a collaboration with Dalí, starting in 1941, which lasted 37 years, and which produced some of the artist’s most intense and memorable images.


“For me, photography can be an extremely serious job or, on the contrary, very fun. Capturing the elusive truth with a camera is often a frustrating endeavor. Instead, trying to create an image from nothing, alive only in my mind, can be an exhilarating game, especially if I’m playing with Salvador Dalí. We are like accomplices. Whenever an unusual idea crosses my mind, I ask it to be the hero of my photography, generating a mutual stimulus to creativity. “

P. Halsman.

Dalì e il Pane

Dalì con Babou

Dalì con ballerina in Spagna

Dalì con Charles Trenet

Don quixotte di Dalì

Dalì con scultura

Dalì con il suo doppio

Dalì con spada

Dalì con Gala

Dalì con sua moglie


Dalì ritrae un rinoceronte

Ritratto Dalì

Ritratto Dalì

Dalì with Ruggero Orlando

L’epifania di Dalì

Dalì con elefante

Dalì con medaglia d’oro

Dalì con sua moglie Gala

Ritratto Dalì

Dalì con cappello e bastone

Dalì con Tixier Vignancourt

Dalì con giacca di leopardo

Dalì ritrae Jules Verne

Dalì con Gala

Dalì con Jaques Baumel

Dalì al Crazy horse Saloon

Dalì con Gilbert Becaud

Dalì con Franco

Dalì con Walt Disney

Dalì l’immagine del cielo

Ritratto Dalì

Dalì con Walt Disney

La Grand Fourchette d’argent

Dalì con Pierre Spivakoff sul Mae West Sofa

Dalì con File Labiesse e Yves Termos