Year :conceived in 1976, first cast in 1984
Height: 50 cm
Material: bronze
Technique: lost-wax
Edition Size: 350+35 EA
Patina: blue
Maquette: original gouache “Angel of Triumph” 1976
References Descharnes: Dalí: The Hard and the Soft, Sculptures & Objects. Eccart, 2004. pg. 254 ref. 652



The images religious have fascinated e intrigued Dalí for all life. For Dali, the angels expressed grace, nobility e lightness. A vault had to say, “not there is nothing by plus stimulant of the idea of a angel!”. The face and the trumpet in the sculpture echo the style cubist experienced initially by Pablo Picasso, who Dalí admired. È interesting note as in this sculpture coexist Cubism e Surrealism.For Fromí, the angels represented the awareness divine, the purity, the protection e lighting. The element key of sculpture is the trumpet, che colleague the sky And the land. Le wings angel’s are at perfectbalance, a reference to obsession by Dalí for the accuracy geometric.