Year:conceived in 1977, first cast in 2008
Height:10.4 cm
Material:18K gold
Precious stones:diamonds and rubies
Edition size:12 with diamonds and rubies


In 1968 Dalí was commissioned to illustrate an edition of the Alice in Wonderland book. Dalí chose to represent Alice as a girl with a skipping rope, an image which first appeared in his oeuvre in the 1930’s and was used in numerous oil paintings such as Morphological Echo (c.1935). For Dalí, Alice is the eternal girl-child who responds to the confusion of this nonsense world with the naivety and innocence of childhood. Here, Dalí created Alice’s silhouette holding a skipping rope frozen in motion above her head, her hands and hair blossoming into roses, symbolizing feminine beauty and eternal youth. The crutch symbolizes stability, it gives her emotional support, acting as a link back to reality.