Height:34 cm
Technique:lost wax process
Edition Size:990


Dalí has a fascination with the musical genius of Ludwig van Beethoven. Like Beethoven, Salvador Dalí was one of the most radical artists of his time – eccentric, brilliant and always reinventing himself. He broke the boundaries of all genres by realizing his potential in painting, sculpture, artisan craftwork, film and illustrated books.
Dalí and Beethoven were both visionaries filled with innovative ideas and Dalí repeatedly referred to the great composer.
In his memoirs, he describes how one evening while in the company of the musician Pichot, Dali watched the sky after a storm, and saw the clouds move to form an enormous head of Beethoven. He later depicted this vision in a drawing (1973) using Spanish espadrilles (the famous rope-soled shoes) soaked in squid ink as his media.