Year :conceived and first cast in 1980
Height: 37cm
Material: bronze
Technique: lost wax process
Edition Size: 350+35 EA
Patina: blue
Maquette:original wax, ʺPersistence of Memoryʺ, 1980

References Descharnes: Dalí: The Hard and the Soft, Sculptures & Objects. Eccart, 2004. pg. 246 ref. 632


Dalí has isolated the central image of his best-known painting and given it the same title.  It is a simple figure: a limp watch draped over the branch of a dead tree. 

Dalinian time is not rigid; it is one with space…fluid. The unexpected softness of the watch also represents the psychological fact that the speed of time, while precise in scientific use, is widely variable in human perception.