Year:conceived in 1979, first cast in 2008
Height:8 cm
Material:18K gold
Precious stones:diamonds and rubies
Base:rock crystal
Edition size:12 with diamonds and rubies

The melting clock is the most recognizable Dalinian image and the artist chose to portray it consistently throughout his lifetime. Dalí became obsessed with the concept of time and used the melted watch image in many of his works. Dalí brings to this sculpture a dynamism, where the clock appears to be literally “dancing”. Unrestrained by the rigid laws of a watch, time, for Dalí, moves to the rhythm of a perpetual dance, speeding up, slowly down, stretching out, liquefying. Some say that Dalí represents in his watches Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity of space and time; the dancing watch illustrating the concept of movement through time. The Dance of Time III is presented alongside Dance of Time I and Dance of Time II.