In the 1960s, Beniamino Levi  was introduced to Salvador Dalí at the prestigious Hotel Maurice in Paris; it was to prove to be an important meeting. As a result of their acquaintance, Levi travelled frequently to meet with Dalí at his residences in Paris and New York and at his home in Spain. Fascinated by some of Dalí’s early sculptural works, which he had discovered and purchased in a Paris gallery, Levi encouraged the Surrealist master to express his artistic vision again in sculptural form, commissioning him to create a series of bronzes based on his most famous Surrealist images.

Levi worked closely with Dalí in the development of the bronze sculpture collection and is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on the bronzes of Dalí. He has lectured and written on the subject on numerous occasions, also publishing a definitive text on the Dalí Sculpture Collection, ‘Dalí in the Third Dimension ‘, with the Italian publishing house Allemandi.

It was through these early encounters with Dalí during the 1960s that Levi became the publisher of the Limited Edition Dalí Sculptures and began to establish The Dalí Universe Collection, which today, more than 50 years later, has become the immense and important artwork collection managed by the Dalí Universe. The Dalí Universe artwork collection has continuously evolved over the past 40 years.










In 1997 Mr. Beniamino Levi created an innovative new brand name with a clearly defined identity which focused on all of the creative aspects of Salvador Dalí’s “World”. The Dalí Universe, brand name was born. “The Dalí Universe” was the name given to the museum exhibition space located at the prestigious County Hall Gallery on London`s South Bank. The museum opened in 2000 and operated for a decade until 2010.  

A new logo was specifically designed for the London exhibition location. During 2007 the marketing team decided to remove the word `The´ from the original logo.  This revised logo – adopted and used in London for nearly ten years – was the version preferred by Mr. Levi and by the group Marketing Team and all their external collaborators, therefore it was decided to maintain the logo graphic idea. 

In 2011 the London logo was revised in terms of its form and colour choice, and so was born the new logo which is known today and used for all group activities.

“In London, fuchsia and yellow were The Dalí Universe brand colours.  After consulting with Mr. Levi it was decided the time was right for a ‘revamp’ and something more official and more sober. A new more sober colour selection was adopted – that of red and black. Also, instead of using the entire mustache, that seemed a little too playful, we maintained just a reference to Dalí’s mustache.”

Dalí Universe Marketing Department