Year :conceived in 1954, first cast in 1984
Height: 60 cm
Material: bronze
Technique: lost wax process
Edition Size: 350+35 EA
Patina: black
Maquette:original drawing, ʺSurrealist Pianoʺ, 1954

References Descharnes: Dalí: The Hard and the Soft, Sculptures & Objects. Eccart, 2004. pg. 250 ref. 643


In this sculpture, Dalí transforms the image of a grand piano into a surreal dancing object.The traditional wooden legs of the piano are replaced with actual female legs, booted feet and skirted frills. By adding these unique, surprising features, Dalí transforms the mundane and inanimate into an animated object, typical of Dalí’s Surrealism.The addition of the golden female figure gives the sculpture an elegant and graceful dimension. Her ballet dancer pose suggests a classical performance which contradicts with the bawdy music hall dance implied by the piano’s frilled petticoats.