Year:conceived in 1971, first merger in 1984
Height:179 cm
Technique:lost wax

Circulation:8 plus 4 EA (plus 2 authorized foundry proofs)

As a boy, Dalí loved dressing up, “disguise was one of my strongest passions as a child”. Dalí’s relationship with the world of haute couture began in the 1930’s and lasted throughout his lifetime.

In this sculpture, Dalí pays tribute to figures who influenced his art: Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and model Amanda Lear. This remarkable sensual Venus poses in the stance of a supermodel, her head a bouquet of roses. Before her kneels a courtier, a dandy paying homage to his muse. Both figures lean on a staff for support, the staff or crutch a reoccurring Dalinian symbol.