Year:conceived in 1976, first cast in 2008
Height:13.5 cm
Material:18K gold
Gemstones:diamonds and 1 emerald

Edition size:12 with diamonds and emeralds


Religious imagery fascinated and intrigued Dalí throughout his lifetime. For Dalí, angels expressed grace, nobility and lightness. Dalí once said “nothing is more stimulating than the idea of an angel!”. The face and trumpet in the sculpture, echo the Cubist style pioneered by Pablo Picasso, who Dalí admired. It is interesting that Cubism and Surrealism co-exist in this sculpture. For Dalí, angels represented divine awareness, purity, protection and illumination. The key element of the sculpture is the trumpet, it links heaven and earth. The angel’s wings are in perfect equilibrium, referencing Dalí’s obsession with geometrical precision.