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Saturday May 11th 2024 we have celebrated the 120th anniversary of Salvador Dalí’s birth! The genius of Surrealism, one of the most eccentric and influential artists of the 20th century, was born on this day in 1904 in Figueres, to Don Salvador Dalí y Cusí and Felipa Domenech Ferrés.

Painter, draftsman, sculptor, poet, writer, filmmaker, creator of costumes for the stage, designer of furniture, provocateur… are just some facets of a man who made his life a true work of art.

Dalí didn’t confine himself to being just an artist and for many, he’s a true genius of Surrealism.

The multifaceted aspect of his personality continues to surprise us, make us reflect, and inspire us even 120 years after his birth.

For his 120th birthday anniversary Lart Universe in collaboration with Dalí Universe, has dedicated its Magazine, to the life, works, influence and “multifaced” aspects of this iconic and incredible artist.

Read the full article “Salvador Dalí : 120th Anniversary” on Last Magazine on our web site

2024 It will be a Dalinian and Surreal Year!

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